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It's a great day at artexpress

about artexpress

Artexpress is a small, independent and passionate team. We are problem-solvers; passionate and experienced designers who want to get things done.

As a creative graphic design studio, Artexpress prides itself on delivering the highest quality graphic design work to businesses across the city.

Creative design Communication is our craft, and we can create any desired requirement for your brand or business including brochure design, logo design and packaging



All kinds of creative stuff. From beautifully designed, functional websites to memorable logos, as well as creatively crafted print designs.

Need our help? We're always open to new ideas for projects, so get in touch with us today.


It Starts With An Idea

Great business ideas make great websites. If your passionate about a product or service that you offer, then this makes my job of turning that idea into an engaging website or brand very easy.

It is far more difficult to create an appealing brand or website if the ethos of a business is just to make money. People do not love money grabbers! They love positive traits that they can relate to.


Learn tips and advice on conceptualizing your creative pieces for generating high returns on investment.

  • Identifying your target market needs and wants
  • Strategies on conceptualizing your creative piece
  • Tips on executing your marketing collaterals. E.g. type of paper, type of website visuals
  • Secrets on improving returns on investment for every piece of marketing collaterals

This consultation is 100% no obligation. We are simply keen to share ideas. We look forward to meeting you and learning about your creative needs.


Career Opportunities

Are you passionate about your work? Do you live and breathe design? Do you have a passion for anything creative or involving technology? Then you have found the right place...

How To Apply

Please send your resume along with at least 3-5 samples of your work to
[email protected] An online portfolio or PDFs are preferred. No phone calls please.


Creative Design Services

Our graphic designers always deliver the best quality creative solutions for your product & services, within a budget your business can afford.


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