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Is ARTEXPRESS an Advertising Agency / Design Firm or Printing Company?

ARTEXPRESS is a Design Firm.
Advertising Agencies create everything from scratch, from conceptualization, Copywriting to Digital Imaging (DI). Based on the amount of effort required for the job, they are more expensive comparatively. Design Firms, on the other hand, work with supplied text and images given by their clients. Hence, production time is reduced and it is more cost efficient compared to Advertising Agencies. Printing Companies focuses more on artwork layout instead of design. In most cases, they are given the final artwork to print. While they are also capable of editing, they lack the design touch.

Why should I choose ARTEXPRESS?

As mentioned, design firms maximize resources based on what is being provided, hence saving cost/time. In addition, we also purchase stock images as and when required. Freelance graphic designers, might be an alternative option but they might not be able to ensure the consistency and reliability that ARTEXPRESS guarantees.

How do clients go about starting projects with ?

While the actual process differs depending on type of project, the general process starts off with understanding the nature of the project, thereafter followed by a Request For Quotation (RFQ). Upon confirmation of quote and submission of respective materials on the client's side; ARTEXPRESS will start work.

What is considered an ROI for Marketing Collaterals?

Returns on Investment (ROI) refers to a measure of corporate profitability, used to evaluate the efficiency of the investment and to determine whether the investment should be procured. We strongly encourage clients to monitor the results of their marketing campaign to ensure a positive ROI is achieved.

What happens after a project is completed?

ARTEXPRESS will continue to work hand in hand with our client if necessary, to ensure that marketing collaterals produced will adequately enhance our clients' business and contribute to their ROI, ensuring that their cost allocated for marketing collaterals is turned into an investment, helping our clients increase sale.


L1. What Ideas do you have regarding your Logo Creation?

A logo can be made up of fonts, icons, 3D image(s), or a combination of all. Let us know your preference and we will be able to work something out. Cost will also be adjusted accordingly.

L2. Which Industry are you in?

With our experience, we know which type of visuals that might best suit your needs. Hence, when the industry is made known, we can then craft a logo that not only appeals visually, but is also the best representation of your business.

L3. What Formats will you be given upon completion of Logo Design Project?

3 File Formats – JPEG, TIF, and EPS format. JPEG – For internet purposes or to be used in Word or Excel files. TIF – Preferred for Printing purposes. EPS – For Signages and Scalability Clients are not bound to either one format and are free to utilize them in whichever way is best suited to their interests.


G1. What is the desired number of pages for the Project?

When given the estimated number of pages, there can be proper planning made so that all details given by you can be appropriately accommodated.

G2. What is the Quantity required for Print?

We can advise accordingly on the best printing method based on the desired quantity. As a general guideline, quantities above 1000 will be suitable for Offset Printing.

G3. Is there a tight deadline to meet?

We work best when there is sufficient lead time but will definitely try to accommodate requests from you regarding urgent projects. Feel free to contact us and we will work something out that best fit your schedule.

G4. What Materials do you need to provide to kick start a Graphic Design Project?

We will require text in word format, images in JPEG form, and other relevant hard copy materials if any. Any certification awards, logos to be placed in can also be provided. Do note that images downloaded from websites will not be suitable to be used for printing. Reasons because they are in low resolution format (72dpi) and we require high resolution images (300dpi) for sharp print. Please ensure that all images provided have received Copyright clearance to facilitate a smooth working process.


W1. What is the desired number of pages for the Project?

There are two general packages provided for Web Design.

Option A - 5 Pages:
- Home
- About Us
- Products & Services
- FAQ / Testimonials
- Contact Us

Option B - 10 Pages:
- Home
- About Us
- Vision & Mission OR Founder / Director
- Products
- Sub-pages for Products (2)
- Services
- Sub-pages for Services (2)
- Contact Us

The above is provided as a general guideline. We can adjust accordingly to your requirements.

W2. Are Flash Banners necessary?

Flash Banners add interactivity to the website and may catch potential customers' eyes. That said, Flash Banners will cost slightly more but is well worth the price. Do let us know of your preference.

W3. Is a Contact Form required for the Website?

A Contact Form while optional; is highly recommended. Aside from allowing customers to contact you, it is also a 24/7 available platform for customers and potential customers to reach you.

W4. What Materials do you need to provide to kick start a Web Design Project?

Materials needed are similar to those required in the Graphic Design. Refer to Q4 under Graphic Design.