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ARTEXPRESS can assist your product
with professional brand & packaging design.
We have experience in the design of all types
of packaging for any product type.

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about artexpress

We can offer complete project assistance and provide a full contract service and manage all artwork production.

We have the facility and knowledge to take on all your artwork needs. We can take on the role of your in-house artwork supply chain for as long as needed. We can support you while you are busy and help integrate your own artwork team at a later stage. We take the pressure out of the equation and keep the artworks flowing with no down time. Our management skills allow us to adapt to new teams and methods of working.

  • Highly skilled and accurate team with industry experience
  • Total control of artworks (if needed)
  • Capable of large projects
  • Ready for multiple language permutations
  • Management of integration
  • Planning & management of incorporating new artwork support
  • Management of multiple product names & multiple versions for multipleubmissions
  • Handle existing artwork documents
  • Secure data & backup
  • Product catalogues
  • Corporate guideline manuals & branding

We pride ourselves on our excellent client relationships so why not contact us today on: +91 (0) 9999 855846 or email us and find out how we can help.

Full Pharma Artwork Support

Our flexibility means we can fit in with your current working structure and can provide assistance when and how you require.

Here at ARTEXPRESS we understand most companies already have an existing artwork supply chain. We are here simply to offer assistance and support. We do not intend to muscle our way in and take full control. Perhaps a member of staff is ill or you need work done to meet a deadline but everyone is busy. We are able to pick up and keep the artworks flowing and get the job done to meet your tight deadlines. We can be a valuable resource and good ace in the hand when the job gets tough.

  • Highly skilled and accurate team with industry experience
  • Partial support to cover overflow
  • Constant, ready to go support
  • Consultation and advice
  • Assistance with existing artwork suppliers
  • Management of artworks

We pride ourselves on our excellent client relationships so why not contact us today on: +91 (0) 9999 855846 or email us and find out how we can help.

about artexpress

Assist Pharma Artwork Support
Specialists in providing pharmaceutical packaging artworks for the pharmaceutical, biotech and healthcare industry.

Pharmaceutical packaging artwork types

We provide a specialist service of precision driven artwork origination and print-ready files for any type of pharmaceutical primary and secondary packaging, which include the following:

  • Folding boxes / cartons
  • Patient information leaflets (PIL) / Information for users (IFU)
  • Booklets
  • Blisters
  • Tubes
  • Sachets
  • Adhesive labels
  • Pouches and outserts
  • Diagrams or illustrations
  • Bespoke symbols or pictograms

Accuracy with pharmaceutical artworks

Our in-house processes and Quality Assurance are based on years of expertise. This helps us to maintain high accuracy, reduce the rounds of amendments and change requests. With artwork projects completed faster, our clients have more time to focus on their core business activities.

Understanding our pharma customer requirements and needs, ARTEXPRESS's specialist experience means artwork amendments and change requests are completed more accurately.

Multi language artworks

Familiarity with local market and EU submission information when it comes to multi language pharma artworks – market updates are familiar and are implemented correctly with less risk of errors. For non–pharma specialist artwork companies, design houses, manufacturers and printers – requests can be misinterpreted, not understood and non–compliant. ARTEXPRESS can process amendments, complete and correct the first time – our clients have less back-log of projects and open artwork requests.

Artwork approval process (QC)

For clients who wish to outsource more of their pharmaceutical artwork process, ARTEXPRESS can provide additional help and support with the artwork approval process. Through error reporting, we can supply our clients with 100% accurate artworks and speed up the approval process which means our clients spend less time on internal proof reading and Quality Control checks which can further increase productivity and efficiency. This can be especially useful on large, multi language projects.

ARTEXPRESS – the one–stop resource for all stages of pharmaceutical artworks:

  • New pack designs – concepts
  • Product launch artworks
  • Early stage, submission artwork mock–ups
  • Local market–specific branding
  • Alternate branding designs
  • Branding application to multiple packaging formats, e.g., cartons, sachets, labels
  • Branding repositioning – redesign and rebrand launches
  • Print–ready files

Quality and Service Assurance

Quality review and continuous improvement.

As part of our in-house procedures, we issue a quality review to all our clients with the objective of verifying our consistency of our existing processes in order to identify service and process improvements.

By regularly issuing quality review checks alongside our other internal procedures, we're able to identify opportunities for operational improvements and deliver these benefits to client partners.

Why choose us – ARTEXPRESS - a seal of quality

  • High level of accuracy
  • Fast turn–around times
  • Regular communication and project monitoring updates
  • Legislatively aware
  • Reliable; able to meet strict deadlines
  • Confidentiality assured
  • Artwork to high standards, ready for validation
  • No down time, out of office hours service available, bookable in advance
  • Constant support
  • Secure files & data
  • Data backup & protection
  • Dedicated broadband connection
  • Quality control
  • Artwork quality inspection
  • Effective work flow
  • Office security
  • Clean working environment

We pride ourselves on our excellent client relationships so why not contact us
today on: +91 (0) 9999 855846 or email us and find out how we can help.