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Media Services

Media Planning

From analysing target audience to keeping abreast of media developments to reading market trends and understanding motivations of consumers – ARTEXPRESS does it all. Now you don’t have to think about how to negotiate with space providers. The media planning department of our advertising agency not only supports message dissemination but also answers the big question, ‘WHY HERE’! Be it broadcast, print media, outdoor planning, in-store displays, barters and tie-ups with synergising brands, online marketing or a blog – whatever you need to flaunt the character of your product, we are an ad agency that understands media planning right to the core.

Media Buying

We help you in the gather knowledge of your target group, consumer behaviour, media, and the criteria used to measure the value of television and radio programming. Media buying is a vital function of an ad agency, without which the whole process of advertising would be incomplete. We negotiate the right spot as per your requirements strictly within the deadline.

Airtime Management

In the current situations when the market conditions are draconian, the slot arrangements and negotiations with the channels has become a cumbersome task. At ARTEXPRESS, the job of an advertising agency includes arranging the schedules or time-slots with prominent channels, to give the maximum reach and connect to your target audience because we believe in giving the best to our clients.